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  • I wanted to give some accolades to Bacon for getting my fiancé and I a smoking deal on a new/loaner/fart car(she hates it when I call it that). We were not too demanding but found the experience to be so dang easy. We gave Bacon some ideas of what we were looking for and off he went. I saw where someone else likened the experience to Amazon as far as ease of buying experience. I could not agree more. Bacon shopped around, found some deals, and it was settled. We got a 2020 Volvo T5 Mom with some extras at a deal that I could not be happier with. We were open for a drive to pick it up and we ended up finding a deal in Charlotte. Well, it just so happened my fiancé’s friend and co worker was taking her son to a soccer tournament there the next weekend so that worked out. Everything was lined up with the dealership when we arrived and we could not have been happier with the experience. We will definitely be using Bacon in the future.


  • Stephen was absolutely amazing at work. He was able to get one of the best offers (possibly the best) in the country on the BMW Z4. It was very pleasant to work with him, because he was always very responsive and even received my calls while he was really busy / at times when I did not expect most people to answer the call. Stephen coordinated the signing and receiving process with the dealer - everything was very smooth when I arrived. I flew out after this car, and the dealer even took me from the airport. Most of all, I was struck by Steven’s dedication to ensure that everything went smoothly, and I can say that he does everything possible to ensure that his customers are 100% satisfied. I worked with several other brokers on LH and they were all great, but my experience with Bacon's Car Concierge stood out as # 1. Stephen does his best - he invests true time in his clients, answers all questions and coordinates everything with first-class communicating to create an unprecedented car buying experience.


  • Where do I begin with my review of Bacon’s Car Concierge. The dedicated service, knowledge, patience Stephen demonstrated during the course of the search and purchase of my new M340i was by far the best level of customer service I’ve had. He was always 100% honest and gave me realistic expectations, going above and beyond until I felt comfortable and happy with my choice. He’s been able to develop solid business relations with these dealers, therefore, able to provide lease structures that I can say with confidence nobody else can. I can say that because whenever other people gave me “their numbers”, I felt like I was talking to a dealership and not a broker. Funny thing was that whenever I would talk to Stephen, I didn’t feel I was dealing with a broker but with a friend.lol. I’ve talked to my friends and family about his wonderful service/support and will bring him as much business as I can, including my repeat business.


  • Life’s better with Bacon and Mr. Bacon is no exception. As a first time leasee I wasn’t sure what to expect and never thought a BMW would be on radar. But after the first few messages with Bacon I knew I was in good hands. Not only does he respond with all information and concerns but he generally cares. The one thing I never liked about car salesmen is the pressure and urgency they try and induce on a deal. Not here! Zero hassle when working with Mr. Bacon and he goes above and beyond to not only get you a good deal but most importantly makes sure you are happy and satisfied. Mid way through the process a little hiccup occurred with the deal and my work schedule bent me over a little bit but Mr. Bacon continued to make sure everything on my end was perfect. Can’t recommend him enough and he’s truly a great guy to work with!!


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