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I loved cars at such as young age, and enjoyed helping people.  At nineteen years old I walked into a Mercedes and Volvo dealer in Sonoma County, California and begged for a job.  Only opening they had was a weekend greeter and phone receptionist... Let me tell you, I was great at saying hello and answering phones.  I was soon on the floor selling vehicles and enjoyed it.  I continued into an assistant manager position while earning a Master's in Criminology . 

After cars came helping people, I went back to grad school and earned a Master's in Special Education.   With that, I took my skills to the South Bronx…negotiating daily with students to do their work and stay on task.. often times sharing interests in cars with my students.

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My passion for cars and helping people brought me to the founding of Bacon’s Car Concierge. Customer Service and 100% transparency is the foundation of B.C.C.  At the end of the day, I love when my clients get amazing deals and are completely satisfied with their new vehicle.


I continue to teach part-time and will continue to. Feeding my desire to help and give back to the community around me…Sharpening those negotiating skills.. have you been into a middle school lately??

I have a wonderful family, a wife that supports the rotation of vehicles through the garage.. Yes, I have been warned “ You better not touch my Volvo!!”  My two kids love the cars, and enjoy going fast in them.. Though finding the vehicle in the parking lot can be entertaining because they do not remember what car we have!!!!!!

We look forward to you being part of the BCC family 

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